4.1 SIPAR conducts consultation activity for all types of business, in all the various areas of operation, besides the organizational and economic designs for new enterprises or business systems.
4.2 - Its consultant activity is based on knowledge and operative systems that put priorities on the company goals. It underlines the close inter-dependency of the various areas of operation and allows coordinating in a uniform way the problems of programming and of technologic and organizational innovations.
4.3 - From an operational point of view, SIPAR joins the internal management staff achieving a significant function in the internal areas of operation.
4.4 The consultant activity covers the following:
structure and organization
information systems (EDP programming)
products and marketing
management and staff
control of management
The coordinating of such areas allows for a complete and complex business system.
The objectives that are pursued are the following:
Working out the company policy both medium and long term.
Preparation of plans or objectives of development for the medium and long term.
Development of the general and organization structure including production, administration, commercial etc.
Development of diversification plans (at the technology product and marketing level).
Financial planning (multi year cash flow plan).
Planning production policy and marketing.
Company information system, budgets, data processing.
Financial management control.
Procedures, standard and operation practices, costs and time.
Accounting systems - general and analytical.
Personnel policy and management of the professional resources.
Locating and managing all opportunities and facilities within the European Regulations and national laws obtaining financing, allocation of funds and loans at discount rates.
Fiscal and insurance problems.
Corporate problems.
Problems connected with internationalisation, approach to foreign markets, management of the internal market in the new European Community dimension.