Foreign Commerce requires companies to face precise responsibilities and obligations that SIPAR takes upon itself, facilitating and helping to solve problems that may arise.
a. Study of foreign markets.
In order to take full advantage of the openings that the various markets offer, it is necessary to inform the client company of possible changes to make in the presentation of a product, the prices of the competition, suitable export channels for entering a specific market etc.
b. Establishing abroad a distribution network.
The realization of such a network could require the hiring of agents, contacts with importers or whole salers, eventual opening of own vending offices etc.
c. The establishing of an export service in the company.
Such a service can be integrated with SIPAR assistance, but can be equally created as an autonomous service.
d. All the operations directly connected with export and procurement abroad of raw materials or semi-processed materials.
These operations are numerous and complex: study of the product search for buyers and/or sellers, calculation of prices for export, confirmation of the offers, translation of the correspondence from different languages, packing, presentation and shipping of the products, insurance of the product, recoup of credits, the printing of catalogs and brochures etc.
e. Internationalisation of the Company.
In a period of great changes and integration of different areas like the present, the company must internationalise itself if it wants to survive with the ever increasing presence of big groups and multinationals whose capacity to nationalize themselves within the Common Market makes them extremely competitive.
From the above, it follows that SIPAR is structured in a very flexible way and capable of responding to the most diverse requirements of the client company.
According to each case, SIPAR will:
Provide information for the Companies wishing to create an export service.
Provide for assistance of all matters relative to the export of goods and services.
Provide for assistance in the process of internationalisation.
On the technical side, SIPAR can perform the following services:
f. study of particular markets for specific products.
g. preparation of offers to buyers or users.
h. transmission of offers to buyers and orders to customers.
i. handling of the dossier of each operation covering the banking and exchange aspects.
l. shipping, insurance of the product and credits, international contracts, transmission of instructions relative to these operations.
m. gathering and preparation of the necessary documentation.
n. relations with ICE, Ministry of Foreign Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and Commercial Offices, Commerce Boards, Banks for foreign relations.
o. Research, assistance, editing of all administrative acts and contracts in order to cot up foreign relations, with our participation at negotiations with the customers, if requested.
p. Foreign promotion and vice-versa of the latest technologies using state-of-the-art audiovisual system with the intent to reduce negotiating and decisional time on the part of the customer.