1.1 SIPAR s.r.l. operates as an integrated professional structure in the field of research, planning, design, according to up-to-date methodologies derived from its many diversifications.
1.2 SIPAR s.r.l. activity, although diversified in separate and autonomous areas, satisfies the principle of individual merit of the main aspects of each project. This means, operating according to a line of planning oriented by the final means of development of the social-economic picture, in which the project represents a choice and a structure of "service".
SIPAR s.r.l. carries out its activity directly connected to Data Banks for foreign commerce and for Community and International legislation.
1.3 The structure of SIPAR in the form of inter-professional association "for project" adapts perfectly to the realization of the afore mentioned objectives through its activity in the following professional fields:
in law, in contractual matters, corporate, fiscal, financial Italian and international;
in research, in social matters;
in business consultation, structure and organization, information systems, products and marketing, management and staff, control of operations, financial, selection and management of favourable financing, Italian and within the European Community;
in matters of international trade.